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Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula - CHER4Life

Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula


Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula Best Supplement for Livestock

Are you having a hard time finding a product that fully restores wellness in livestock? Try the Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula since it has essential nutrients (probiotics, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins) that are necessary for restoring wellness. Moreover, it also has high levels of Transfer Factor Advanced Formula, which is essential in strengthening the immune system.

Health benefits

The following are the main benefits of Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula:

– Any acute stresses related to birthing, travel, performance and illness do not in any way affect the ability of the Transfer Factor to support livestock.

– The formula is also known for restoring wellness during stress.

– It is a powerful and patented 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula that greatly boosts the immune system.

Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula

– Transfer factor livestock stress formula is unique since the transfer factors (or tiny messenger smart molecules) carry immunity information from one organism to another. These molecules, in turn, boost the immune system by strengthening the body’s capability to recall and assess former diseases and potential dangers to health.

– Research and independent laboratory tests have shown that 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula raises the Natural Killer cell function. In this way, it strengthens the frontline of the immune system.

– It is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Di-potassium Phospate and Potassium Chloride.

– Transfer factor livestock stress formula is developed by topnotch nutritional scientists and veterinarians to ensure high quality performance.

– Currently, there are a lot of U.S. patents protecting the extraction process of the product. These are cow colostrum patents (4,816,563), egg yolks patents (6,468,534) and exclusive manufacturing technique patents (6,866,868). Moreover, there are still patents pending before the United States Patents and Trademark Office or U.S.P.T.O.

– Transfer factor livestock stress formula also undergoes a series of tests to determine where each ingredient of the product comes from and ensure that the formula complies with certain standards.

– Transfer factor livestock stress formula also undergoes safety tests to ensure that there are no heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides and other adulterated content present on the product.

Below are instructions on administering the formula for different kinds of livestock:


For livestock – give at least one ounce a day for 3 days before the livestock gives birth.

For other species and exotics raised in a non-agricultural setting (like reptiles, rodents, birds, and other companion animals) – Add one ounce of the formula per liter of water. If you want to administer in smaller quantities, add ½ ounce to ½ liter of water.

You can also assure that 4 life transfer factor livestock stress formula is one of the best products out there because they have a system in place, called Good Manufacturing Process or cGmp guidelines to ensure that products are of best quality.

Remember to read product warnings and labels first to avoid any adverse effects on your livestock. It is also important to consult expert opinion before buying any livestock product to ensure that your livestock will get the best nutrition.

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